About us

Our studio has been open for a quarter of century. Our main business is the production of advertisements for TV, radio and the Internet. We also do the sound for museum audio guides, IVR, documentary and educational films and programs, and, finally, dubbing of animated and feature films. We have vast experience in creative work and a substantial and constantly updated voice bank. We work  in Lithuanian, but can also accomodate Russian, English, German, Polish, French, Italian and Swedish . Thanks to our collegues in Riga and Tallinn we also complete projects in Latvian and Estonian. We own a vast library of music and sound effects for any audio product. We also write original music and create new sound effects.

We work with video, from elementary montage to sophisticated titration, replacing packages, labels and objects themselves in 3D. We prepare your clips for broadcast and place them on the FTP of TV channels, as well as in movie theaters.